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Winter Closure

The Research Compliance Office (RCO) will be closed during Stanford’s Winter Closure from Monday, December 14, 2020 through Sunday, January 3, 2021.  New protocols, Major Modifications and Continuing Review submissions must be submitted by November 12th, 2020. Minor modifications will be reviewed prior to winter closure, when possible. The RCO will provide critical support on a limited schedule and email messages and HelpSU tickets will be monitored during this time. Please contact your IRB Panel Manager or IRB Education if you have any general questions.

Announcement from the COVID-19 Clinical Research Review Panel

Researchers considering any COVID-19 clinical research, including studies that require Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval as well as quality improvement projects, are required to complete a short survey at COVID-19 Clinical Research Review. For more information, click here.

Research in Response to COVID-19

  • Stanford Research Recovery Handbook -  Includes updates on Stage 2 Clinical Human Subjects Research and Non-Clinical Human Subjects Research

  • The Research Compliance Office (IRB, SCRO, APLAC) is operating with a full staff and conducting protocol review business as usual. Incoming questions, help tickets or other support services are also being maintained.  

    In light of this urgency around COVID-19, Stanford’s IRB is not requiring prior review of some protocol changes, e.g., implementing video/phone visits, mailing of study medications, or other changes designed to protect participant safety.  Understanding that resources must be prioritized, please track these changes and file a modification in eProtocol when your schedule allows.   The IRB is available to assist you with these modifications.


  • Satisfaction Survey Results Q4 Panel Year 2019-2020
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