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How do I submit a help ticket?

Contact the Help Desk

How can I submit a HSR application?

  • Go to your dashboard (
  • Create protocol
  • Enter a brief title
  • Enter personnel (at least the PD and Admin Contact, which can both be you if desired)
  • Choose “Medical” or “Non-medical” as Category
  • Choose “HSR Determination” as application type
  • Click “Create”

Complete the application and attach a completed Human Subject Research (HSR) Determination Form under the Attachments section.  Also, attach any supplemental documents such as surveys or data acquisition tools, if applicable.
It is a very brief application with only 3 screens to complete: Personnel (do not worry about CITI training or PD eligibility); Funding (if any), and Attachments, the page on which you upload the HSR Determination form, and supporting docs, if any.

How can I get added to a protocol?

If someone else is listed in one of the top 4 positions on the protocol, they can edit the protocol. If you removed yourself in order to move to a different position, they can also add you to the new position. If no one else on the protocol is available, the helpdesk can assist you in getting added back to the protocol.

Can Stanford human subject, animal subject or human stem cell studies be conducted at non-Stanford facilities?

Yes. Please click here to know what steps to follow.

When I copy and paste an answer into eProtocol, the formatting is incorrect. Can this be fixed?

Yes. If you are copying responses from Microsoft Word, copy your response and open a second Microsoft Word document.

Go to the "Home" tab.

Click the "Paste" button. you will receive several options.

Select "Paste Special", and a popup window will open.

Choose "Unformatted Text" and click OK.

This will remove the formatting, and allow you to paste into eProtocol.

What should I use as a CITI log on ID?

Click here to log on to CITI, you will be directed to the Stanford WebLogin. Follow the prompts as usual (you may be asked for double authentication). Your SUNet ID and your CITI username will be the same.

One of my users completed CITI training, but it isn't showing up in eProtocol. How can I make it show up?

Please submit a help ticket with the user's SUNet ID and their CITI ID. We can add the CITI ID to the database, and in the future, eProtocol will reflect CITI as completed.

Please note that if the CITI information does not appear initially, you can still change the personnel page to reflect that CITI has been completed and submit the protocol.

What does it mean if I have more than one CITI Username?

If you have more than one CITI Username associated with your email addresses, you have more than one account. To merge your accounts, please visit:

How do I search for a user's CITI training?

If you are looking for a user's CITI training, you can go to and search for the user's CITI id or last name in the box at the top right of the page.

What should I do if I have a question or issue regarding OPACS?

While OPACS is integrated with eProtocol, it is a separate system, and if you're experiencing an issue or have a question about OPACS, the OPACS team should be able to assist you. Create a help ticket that will go directly to the OPACS department. Be sure to include your protocol or SPO # in the body of your help ticket