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How do I delete a revision, renewal or report that I started by accident?

On your eProtocol homepage, find the protocol activity under your Action Items. Click “More Actions” and choose “Delete Activity.” This will only delete this activity, and will not affect your approved protocols.

I need to renew my protocol, but I’ve already started a revision, what do I do?

If you haven’t submitted your revision, you should delete the revision, and submit a renewal instead. 
1. Make a list of any changes you’ve made in your revision. You’ll need to re-enter these into a renewal form.
2. Find the revision under your Action Items list. Click “More Actions” and choose “Delete Activity.” 
3. Under your Active Protocols menu click “More Actions” and choose “Start Renewal.”
4. Complete your renewal, and add back in any changes from your deleted revision. 
If you have already submitted a revision, contact Panel staff, and ask their advice. Depending on how far along the revision is, they will be able to come up with the best option for you.

I already submitted my protocol, but I need to make another change, what do I do?

Contact panel staff and let them know what the change is. They will see where your protocol is in the review cycle, and can let you know the best way to include this change.